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Your Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

Serving Authentic Viet Food

Serving Authentic Viet Food

Pho Seafood & Crawfish is family Vietnamese restaurant and home to the best Vietnamese food in the area.

Upon stepping foot in our Missouri City restaurant, the aroma of seafood and freshly-made noodles permeate the air, which is frequented by our loyal customers. We make an effort to establish close relationships with our customers to make it feel like they're enjoying a meal at home. We're known for our bird's nest specialty (crunchy egg noodles topped with a mixture of pork, chicken and shrimp), rice and egg noodles, and our mouth watering rice plates, which always leave customers wanting more.

We prefer flavors and tastes that are simple, refined, and light. Our culinary approach is based on the principles of serving the freshest seafood, healthy herbs, made from the finest ingredients, and used only when they’re in season and at their freshest. We are uncompromising when it comes to taste and freshness of our dishes and insist that our cuisine not only taste good, but also be healthy for you. With this philosophy in mind, combined with our simple and elegant approach, we create signature dishes that encompass the food and beverages of Vietnam.

Dine with us today and learn why we serve the "The Best Of Vietnam."